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Car Hire Services Near Me

Book Your Dream Car Today


We have a wide range of hire cars available from

1 to 90 days hire.

Chauffeur Service

We can offer Chauffeur Service in any of our vehicles 

Wedding Car Hire

Choose the perfect car hire for your perfect wedding


Self Drive Rental

We offer Self Drive service to all customers across the UK


Performance Car Hire Near Me

audi car hire near me
bmw car hire near me
mercedes benz car hire near me

We specialise in providing performance cars to clients across the United Kingdom, perfect for special events. Our self-drive policy covers you when you rent a performance car from Envy Self Drive.

Our fleet includes the Audi S5, Mercedes C43, BMW X4M, AUDI RS6, AUDI RS4, BMW M3, and many other performance vehicles in our fleet. Our prices are reasonable performance car rentals.

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Super Car Hire Near Me

Lamborghini Hire
Ferrari Hire

Envy Self Drive aims to be UK's Number 1 Super Car Hire or Super Car Rental Firm. We have a range of supercars such as the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and Ferrari 488. You can trust Envy Self Drive to provide you with the best super car up to date.

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