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FROM £200 Per Day









25+ minimum age rental

Held licence minimum 5 years

Optional Extra

Delivery available nationwide


Hire Audi S3 for a day for any type of occasion, Our Audi S3 has stood out from anything on the road. Our Audi S3 has its unique colour which is Vegas Yellow. Certainly, it is a head-turner whenever you see it on the road. We service our Audi S3 before giving it to you on hire. This is to ensure that the car is safe for you.

Audi S3 for rental is fully equipped with the best features possible that you can get from Audi.

Our Audi s3 Hire is perfect for different types of occasions such as wedding hire or birthday car hire. At Envy Self Drive we can provide you with outstanding service with our Audi s3.

When you get the vehicle, we will give you a quick tour around the Audi s3, so you know how to drive the vehicle and unleash its full potential.


We check over the vehicle before we hand it over to any customer. This is to make sure that the vehicle is at its best.  


At Envy Self Drive we can deliver the car to you anywhere within the United Kingdom. The extra cost does apply when applying for delivery with your rental.


Looking for Audi s3 Hire London. At Envy Self Drive we provide the best self-drive policy to our clients meaning that you are fully covered when you Hire Audi s3 in London. Whether your based in central London, West or East the Audi s3 is available for Hire.

Looking for Audi s3 Hire Manchester or Audi s3 Hire Liverpool we can get the vehicle delivered to you or get the vehicle ready to be collected from our Unit in Walsall. 

Audi s3 Hire Birmingham is mainly where a lot of our clientele are based. Birmingham is near to us. So, if you need to Hire Audi s3 in Birmingham we can provide you the perfect Audi s3 Rental.


We regularly service the car weekly so you can get the best experience possible from the Audi S3. The Audi S3 is fully loaded with all features. Besides, you will have 24-hour support from our Envy Self Drive team. We are here to help with your hire vehicle.


Our Audi S3 is sanitized inside and cleaned to a high standard before handover. This is to ensure the safety of our customers. Due to the pandemic we have put these measures in place.

If you're looking for a covid safe car hire company you can trust Envy Self Drive..


We offer Audi S3 hire for the weekend as well, which is one of the features that most hiring companies do not offer. We know that the majority of special occasions are on the weekend hence why provide rental on the weekend. 

If you are looking for Audi s3 Rental for the weekend, Envy Self Drive has got you covered. You can simply drop an enquiry through this website or simply give us a call. If you need an Audi s3 Emergency Car Hire, we can provide you this. However, it is all subject to availability. 


Let’s start with acceleration. The quoted 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, however, when we tested it, with launch control in the rain, we managed to achieve a 0-60mph time of just 4.6 seconds. That’s even quicker than what Audi quote. That’s thanks to its small 2-litre capacity engine producing 300 horsepower and 480 NM of torque. Most of the torque is available in the lower rpm range which means the S3 saloon pulls in any gear and the S3 Saloon’s engine has a nice grunt at the higher end of the rpm range meaning its 155mph top speed is capable.

Let’s talk about handling capability. Simply put, the S3 handles. Even in the rain, because of Audi’s superb Quattro all-wheel-drive system, when the front end loses grip around the corners, the car sends power to the back to push you out where most front-wheel driven cars give up.

The suspension has different settings, and in dynamic mode, the suspension stiffens up to give that extra grip. Having said that, the steering doesn’t give much feedback from the road and there’s not as much feel from it as you would get in a BMW, and putting the car into a dynamic road makes the steering a bit heavier, but still doesn’t give the feel.

The steering is precise and driving the S3 Saloon feels very much like a go-kart in the way that, whichever way you turn the steering wheel, that’s the way the car will go.

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