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Range Rover SVR Review

What's our take on the Range Rover SVR?

One word, Stunning. We can say that it has a reputation of a living beast. Its got the Mighty 5.0-litre engine pushing out 518 bhp of pure power. Not to mention its all-wheel drive so it will be sticking on the ground when you take it around corners at high speeds.

The Range Rover SVR may have a monster under the hood but it has all gadgets for a luxury drive. The Range Rover SVR is like a gentle beast. You want it to be gentle, it will be gentle but if you want it to be aggressive. Be sure that you will be kicked back at the driver seat!.

How did the Range Rover SVR come to life, well it first started its life as a standard Range Rover Sport however Land Rover decided to stick a 5.0 Litre monstrous engine in and there you have it? The SVR.

Few things you need to know about the RANGE ROVER SVR

Fuel Consumption Stats

Combined: 22 mpg

Urban: 21.2 mpg

Extra Urban: 38.7 mpg

Performance Stats

Fuel Type: Petrol

Engine Size: 5,000 cc

Cylinders: V8

0-60 mph: 4.3 secs

Top Speed: 174 mph

Drivetrain: All Wheel Drive

BHP: 518


The RANGE ROVER SVR is full of technology inside & out, giving you the best driving experience.

At Envy Self Drive we have the best of the best Range Rover SVR for hire. In its Elegant Velocity Blue it is a show stopper. Take a look at the interior and we can proudly say that the car has been packed out with full extra's so when you get into the driver's seat you can enjoy the self-drive on the Range Rover SVR.

When it comes to Range Rover you know how much they pay attention to detail, especial when it comes to the SVR it is one of the best in the line. As you can see from the image above, the seats have quilted leather stitching and within the seats and a rED dash board with a pop entertainment system.

Interior Features
  • Media Display

  • Audi music interface

  • DAB digital radio module

  • MMI radio plus with CD player

  • USB/iPod connection

Exterior Technology
  • Auto headlights with rain sensor

  • Cruise control with brake function

  • Headlight wash

  • Park Distance Control front and rear



If you are looking to hire a Range Rover SVR then we have the perfect and most updated version of the SVR for hire. If you are looking for the best of the best from Range Rover, it is the SVR. Pushing 518bhp in all wheels, as we all know Range Rover is known for its all Wheel system, meaning that all the power can be put down straight away. We know it is a true beast.

Hire Range Rover SVR?

Why you should hire from us, we give cover to 25+ years and our car is maintained every two weeks with full service at Audi. We only do this, so our customers i.e. yourself can get the best out of the Audi RS7. Yes, it pops and crackles and it will turn heads.

Hire a Range Rover SVR For The Weekend?

SVR for hire? At Envy Self Drive the Range Rover SVR is one of the best luxury sports vehicles we have when it comes to practicality and speed. What makes the SVR unique, especially the one we have within our hiring fleet. In its stunning Velocity Blue, it sets the car out, out of any other Range Rover SVR that is within the United Kingdom.

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