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Audi S5 Hire

The image shows the beautiful front end of the vegas yellow s3.
Audi S5 for hire

What's our take on the Audi S5?

Let’s start off with acceleration. The quoted 0-60mph is 4.5 seconds however, when we tested it, with launch control in the rain, we managed to achieve a 0-60mph time of just 4.6 seconds. That’s even quicker than what Audi quote. That’s thanks to its big 3 litre capacity engine producing 349 horsepower's and 474 NM of torque. Most of the torque is available in the lower rpm range which means the S5 pulls in any gear and the S5's engine has a nice grunt at the higher end of the rpm range meaning it’s 155mph top speed is capable.

Let’s talk about the handling. Simply put, the S5 handles. Even in the rain, because of Audi’s superb Quattro all wheel drive system, when the front end loses grip around the corners, the car sends power to the back to push you out where most front wheel driven cars give up.

The suspension has different settings, and in dynamic mode, the suspension stiffens up to give that extra grip. Having said that, the steering doesn’t give much feedback from the road and there’s not as much feel from it as you would get in a BMW, and putting the car into dynamic road makes the steering a bit heavier, but still doesn’t give the feel.

The steering is precise and driving the Audi S5 feels very much like a go kart in the way that, whichever way you turn the steering wheel, that’s the way the car will go.

Few things you need to know about the Audi S5

Fuel Consumption Stats

Combined: 39 mpg

Urban: 29 mpg

Extra Urban: 48 mpg

Performance Stats

Fuel Type: Petrol

Engine Size: 2,995 cc

Cylinders: 6

0-60 mph: 4.7 secs

Top Speed: 155mph

Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive

BHP: 328


The Audi S5 is full of technology inside & out, giving you the best driving experience.

At Envy Self Drive our Audi S5 is available for hire and you can get the best you can get out of the Audi S5.

Saloon S3, lightning fast
Audi S5 in Daytona Gray


Audi S5 For Hire

Audi S5 won’t be using the public roads as a race track, instead, they’ll be driving it on normal straight roads and maybe even in traffic. That’s where the Audi S5 stands out because it feels special and you get a sense that the engine is alive.

Hire Audi S5?

We regularly service the S5 and maintain it before it is handed over to a customer, so the customer can gain optimum experience when driving this 4 wheel drive beast.

Rent A S5 For The Weekend?

Audi S5 weekend hire is available, not many companies are able to offer this however at Envy Self Drive we offer that luxury towards our customers.

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